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The Grandparent Renaissance

We are grandparents, a demographic of +/- 70,000,000 people in the US that as a cohort have significant wealth, a great deal of intellectual capital and connections, and seemingly the most common sense. Each year our demographic experiences a net growth of over 5,000,000 new Grandparents. 


We grew up in an era where very few of us took the kind of medications many of our grandchildren take today; where a tiny percentage of us had a psychologist; where losing made us work harder; where books were not banned; where our borders were not open; where guns were not on every street corner and where we were not being shot in our classrooms; where drinking water and playing on public fields did not make us ill; where we came home when the street lights went on; and where we fully expected to be at least as successful as our parents. 

The original Renaissance took humanity out of the Dark Ages, and the Grandparent Renaissance has been designed to prevent our Grandchildren from entering its modern day equivalent.

Learn how you can join the GrandRen and make a difference. It is totally free. 

Who We Are

GrandRen Grandfather, AKA "Coach"

My name is Stuart Williams. I am a recent grandfather (September 2022) to Archer Cole, and I am also known as "Coach". I'm 61, I still run businesses, I remain an innovator and entrepreneur, I am a husband, father, grandfather, and adjunct professor at the College of Charleston where I designed, helped fund, and still help teach the award winning ImpactX Class. 

I am horrified at the lack of civics and critical thinking based education that our grandchildren are receiving today. I am worried about the chemicals that are going into our grandchildren's bodies, and I truly lose sleep over the future that is being created for them. In short, I want to change what is "in them, on them, and around them".

Luckily, I am not alone in my fears, and as such, my friends and I have started The Grandparent Renaissance which we have designed to help all Grandparents to use their financial, intellectual, historical, societal, and connectivity capital to help create better communities and a better future for our Grandchildren. Often is heard said that "we must leave a better world for our grandchildren", however, we also believe that we must work equally as hard to "leave better grandchildren for our world". 

Due to the global nature of my work creating communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL of the residents living in them, I get exposed to remarkable innovations, products, and services that we can all bring to our own communities. The Grandparent Renaissance has been developed so that I can share these things, and, as a place for others to share the things they are aware of. 

This platform is free, we research and vet the products and services that we believe are worth making our members aware of, and we try to find innovations that allow our members to make the best use of their own capitals, in their own communities. Furthermore, because we must never forget that the financial crash of 2008 decimated many people's retirement accounts, we also highlight innovations that have the potential to provide our members with the opportunity to earn an income. We choose not to showcase anything that is MLM or Pyramid Selling based, and we do not receive any financial compensation if our members connect or contract with any of the innovations we publish, or if they purchase the products we approve. Our podcasts are free, as are many of our meetings, however, we do invest in some of the innovations we showcase, and where that is the case, you will see "FI" (financial interest) for transparency. 

We do receive some funding if our members buy our "pithy" merchandise, which showcases them as a member of The Grandparent Renaissance, and some find it fun to highlight that they are a members with t-shirts and or hats that say, for example:

"GrandRen Grandfather"


The small margin we receive from the sale of our merchandize simply helps fund the $15 per hour we pay our student interns to run the platform. 

I am also an author, and I am about to publish a book called "Pimping Poverty". It is only fair that I be as transparent as possible about my reasons for starting The Grandparent Renaissance, and, as such, below you will find PDF files of the Introduction and First Chapter of that book. 

For more information my website is and this is my LinkedIN profile. 

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