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Opportunities to Get Involved With

At GrandRen we search for and vet opportunities that our members can get involved with. Sometimes these are services and or innovations, or they can be product based. No matter what they are, the first filter we us is can they withstand the "in them, on them, around them" test. We also urge our members to share with us opportunities they are aware of so that we can vet and distribute/publish them. 

GrandRen does not receive any fees or kick backs when members join or contract with something, or buy something. If GrandRen has an investment in something it promotes you will see an FI, and if there are fees charged by the innovation, we will be transparent about that. 

Our goal is to make members aware of innovations they can bring to their own communities that will benefit the youth of that community. Where members can earn an income, it is displayed, and GrandRen will receive no commission on that income. 

The current opportunities and the organizations running them that we have vetted are below.  To submit an opportunity you would like us to consider posting, simply click the button. 

Enlightened Soil Corp

Get Chemicals Out of Our Grandchildren

Category: Health - On, In, and Around Them

Learn how you can save your municipality tax payer dollars, while getting harmful chemicals off your civic green spaces, and public and school playing fields. Oh, and you can earn money while doing it. 

The "Sandwiched" Caregivers

Category: Health - Reducing the Stress of Caregiving

The Family Caregivers Alliance is a company that helps reduce the financial, emotional, educational, and communal stress of caregiving. Today, many of our children are trying to help us, while also caring for a child with a chronic condition or special need. Income Opportunity.

Family Caregiver Alliance
Education and Innovation

Innovate to Graduate

Category: Education & Innovation

Putting our Grandchildren back at the top of global innovation. Income opportunity. 


Category: Careers

Become a mentor and share your knowledge and experience with young people searching for help with careers, relationships, academics, health, etc., etc. Income opportunity. 

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