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Get Chemicals Out of Our Grandchildren

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The health of our grandchildren is being put at risk by the chemicals our municipalities are using on their civic green spaces, and public and school playing fields. For example, a recent study in Nebraska has shown that increases in the rates of pediatric cancer are linked to nitrates put into the soils and leaching into the watersheds.


Enlightened Soil Corporation (ESC) is South Carolina PBC that produces a 100% natural (OMRI Listed as Organic) substitute or replacement for synthetic chemical infused fertilizer. Multiple testimonials from some of America's leading soil testing labs, and users of Ensoil clearly show that the product can make soils healthier, while taking chemicals out of our soils and watersheds, and out of our foods and bodies. Furthermore, in most instances, Ensoil is cheaper than the synthetic chemical infused inputs municipalities are using today.

America currently has 19,555 municipalities, and ESC is offering members of The Grandparent Renaissance with the opportunity to become the exclusive representatives in their communities. What does this mean?

Members of the Grandparent Renaissance will have the ability to exclusively sell the Ensoil product to their municipalities and school systems. Full product training and marketing support is provided. All you have to do is knock on your Municipality and or School Board's door and tell them to save money by saving your Grandchildren. The product is also used by HOAs and golf courses.


ESC will deal with all billing shipping, and logistics. This is a commission position, but commissions are paid in perpetuity for as long as the municipality or school system uses the product. 

There is no cost and nothing to buy to become involved with ESC. 

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