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Reducing the stresses of unpaid caregiving

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Did you know that over 53,000,000 Americans provide some kind of unpaid care to a family member with a chronic condition and or special need? Did you know that over 60% of unpaid caregivers are under so much stress that they themselves are diagnosed as "at risk" by their healthcare provider, and often die before the loved one/s they care for? However, virtually every study written states that the healthier a caregiver is, the better the outcome will be for the person/people they care for. 


Today, many of our children are playing double duty as they provide care for their parents (us), while also providing care for their own children that may have a chronic condition or a special need.They are known as the "Sandwich Caregivers". 

The Family Caregivers Alliance provides all unpaid caregivers with the ability to reduce the financial, educational, emotional, and communal stresses they face.


Founded by a family that provides unpaid care (see their remarkable story on their website), the FCA is building a collaborative of unpaid caregivers that cannot be ignored, allowing members to take back control of their lives. 

Members of the Grandparent Renaissance will have the ability to become Ambassadors for FCA, allowing them to save money, learn more, get healthier, provide better care, and potentially make an income. All Ambassadors have to do is socialize the existence of the FCA to their own networks. FCA provides full training and marketing support for this commission paying position. 

There is no cost and nothing to buy to become involved with FCA.

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