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The Grandparent Renaissance

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Aging is not a time of inevitable death and decline, we need to stop labeling it that way. For many of us, it is the very prime of our life - a time of vitality and invention".

~ Wallis Annenberg 

Join the Grandparent Renaissance


There are no fees to join, no fees to participate in Podcasts, and no fees to apply for any of the opportunities we publish. If you want to be a part of creating better communities for our grandchildren, simply sign up here. We will ask for your name, your 'AKA" (what do you grandchildren call you), your contact details, and the community you live in. You can be as active as you wish. 

If you want to have some fun and spread the word, create your own Grandparent Renaissance T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Water Bottles etc., etc. They come in many colors and sizes. They are pre-printed with our Logo and the words "I Am A (you fill in the blank e.g. Grandpa, Grandmother, etc.) Who is Fueling The Grandparent Renaissance I am also Known as (you fill in what your grandchild/children call you). The hats and shirts are great for causal wearing, and for playing Pickle Ball! 

Click here to have some in our online store. Please note that we do make a very small margin on the items we sell, which helps pay for the College of Charleston students who as interns run this platform.  

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