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Grandparents mentoring youth

Category: Education - Mentoring

The Grandparent Renaissance runs a "Wisdom Grandparent" mentoring platform that allows its members to list themselves as mentors. Members can set up their own profiles, and use key words that are reflective of their areas of expertise so that young people can find them via the platform's search function.The purpose is to allow young people to find appropriate mentors for the careers or personal development goals they covet. 

Mentors can choose whether their services are fee for service or free, and can even sell books or other materials** that might be beneficial to their mentees.

There are no fees to become a mentor, but members do have to apply and submit a bio, along with the reasons they believe they would make a good mentor. Political canvassing will not be tolerated as this is not a political site, and all offerings must be age appropriate. The GrandRen organization does not take any transaction fees.  

Mentor rolls include:

  • All Education Subjects

  • Health

  • Careers

  • Relationships

  • Parenting

  • Cooking and Diet

  • Critical Thinking

  • Civics

  • Caregiving

** Any item placed for sale has to be sanctioned by the Grandparent Renaissance approval committee. 

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