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Welcome to what is breaking down and breaking through. 

Welcome to what is breaking down and what is breaking through in the Grandparent Renaissance.

The original Renaissance brought humanity out of the Dark Ages by embracing classical wisdom, thought, intellect, design, innovation, and by readopting critical thinking and debate. The Grandparent Renaissance will prevent our Grandchildren coming of age in a future that returns to the modern day equivalent of the Dark Ages.

Grandparent Renaissance
The Grandparent Renaissance

As a demographic Grandparents in America control the most wealth, and the most intellectual, societal, cultural, and historical capital, We also know the most people and can lever the greatest number of connections. The Grandparent Renaissance is a platform that allows its members to share and scale the best innovations with our communities so that we can help create a future that our Grandchildren can thrive in.

Our platform is political agnostic, as we will use common sense (not extremist fear mongering) to identify the best innovations, products, and services to embed in our communities for the benefit of our Grandchildren. We tend to focus on:

  • Health (Physical and Mental)

  • Education (3rd Grade Through College)

  • Innovation

  • Community (Civics)

  • Caregiving (Our Children to Us, and Our Children to Their Children)

This news section is where members can post new ideas, and discuss what is working for them in their own communities. As a platform, we will also post best practices that come form our global research as we can learn as much form other countries as they do from us.

There are no fees to join the Grandparent Renaissance and most of the opportunities require no payment, no signing fees, and nothing to purchase. Many of them actually provide an opportunity to earn an income. We are transparent when we have a financial interest in an opportunity, and we do receive small fees when members buy our "pithy" merch.

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Remove Harmful Chemicals
Get Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Grandchildren

Enlightened Soil Corp (ESC) has a mission to remove harmful chemicals from our Grandchildren, which means getting them out of our soils, watersheds, foods, and us. After launching in the commercial Ag space, the company is now focused on getting Municipalities to use Ensoil on their public civic green spaces, and public and school playing fields.

There are 19,555 Municipalities in the United States and ESC is providing an opportunity for a person or group of people to have the exclusive rights to sell Ensoil to their home municipality. ESC is doing this because Impact needs to be "In Place".

The 19,000 + remaining positions are available to independent contractors who will work on commission only. Other potential customers would be local HOA's, Golf Courses, and Sports Facilities. The image above is a QR code, which when scanned, will take you to ESC's Field Report that highlights test results from some of America's leading soil testing labs, and, more importantly, testimonials from users. There are no fees to apply for this opportunity, or to be granted an exclusive license for your municipality. There is also nothing to buy and we believe that this would be a perfect "project" for people or groups who are semi or fully retired and wish to get chemicals out and off of their grandchildren.

For transparency, Stuart Williams has an indirect financial interest in ESC.

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Caregiver Health
Too Much Stress on Caregivers

Did you know that over 53,000,000 Americans provide some kind of unpaid care to family members with chronic conditions or special needs? Did you also know that over 60% of them are under so much financial, emotional, educational, and communal stress that they themselves are diagnosed as "at risk" by their healthcare providers.

This flies in the face of the fact that virtually every study states that the healthier a caregiver is, the better the outcome will be for the person or people they care for.

As a Grandparent, you may not know that our children are known as the "Sandwich" Caregiver Generation, as they often find themselves caring for us, and their own children that have a chronic condition or special need.

The Family Caregivers Alliance (FCA) was founded by Deepa and Vishal Patel, and if you we watch their brief video on their website you will see why. Purposed to provide unpaid caregivers with the opportunity to reduce the immense levels of financial, emotional, communal, and educational stress they are under, FCA provides them with the opportunity to take back control of their lives.

There's no charge to apply to become an ambassador for FCA, there are no fees, and there is nothing to buy, however, only unpaid caregivers can apply.

We believe this is a good option for people with little time, who would like to save money, build community, get educated on best practices in caregiving, and make an income.

For transparency, Stuart Williams has an indirect financial interest in FCA.

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