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Remove Harmful Chemicals From Our Grandchildren

Remove Harmful Chemicals
Get Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Grandchildren

Enlightened Soil Corp (ESC) has a mission to remove harmful chemicals from our Grandchildren, which means getting them out of our soils, watersheds, foods, and us. After launching in the commercial Ag space, the company is now focused on getting Municipalities to use Ensoil on their public civic green spaces, and public and school playing fields.

There are 19,555 Municipalities in the United States and ESC is providing an opportunity for a person or group of people to have the exclusive rights to sell Ensoil to their home municipality. ESC is doing this because Impact needs to be "In Place".

The 19,000 + remaining positions are available to independent contractors who will work on commission only. Other potential customers would be local HOA's, Golf Courses, and Sports Facilities. The image above is a QR code, which when scanned, will take you to ESC's Field Report that highlights test results from some of America's leading soil testing labs, and, more importantly, testimonials from users. There are no fees to apply for this opportunity, or to be granted an exclusive license for your municipality. There is also nothing to buy and we believe that this would be a perfect "project" for people or groups who are semi or fully retired and wish to get chemicals out and off of their grandchildren.

For transparency, Stuart Williams has an indirect financial interest in ESC.

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