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The Grandparent Renaissance

Welcome to what is breaking down and what is breaking through in the Grandparent Renaissance.

The original Renaissance brought humanity out of the Dark Ages by embracing classical wisdom, thought, intellect, design, innovation, and by readopting critical thinking and debate. The Grandparent Renaissance will prevent our Grandchildren coming of age in a future that returns to the modern day equivalent of the Dark Ages.

Grandparent Renaissance
The Grandparent Renaissance

As a demographic Grandparents in America control the most wealth, and the most intellectual, societal, cultural, and historical capital, We also know the most people and can lever the greatest number of connections. The Grandparent Renaissance is a platform that allows its members to share and scale the best innovations with our communities so that we can help create a future that our Grandchildren can thrive in.

Our platform is political agnostic, as we will use common sense (not extremist fear mongering) to identify the best innovations, products, and services to embed in our communities for the benefit of our Grandchildren. We tend to focus on:

  • Health (Physical and Mental)

  • Education (3rd Grade Through College)

  • Innovation

  • Community (Civics)

  • Caregiving (Our Children to Us, and Our Children to Their Children)

This news section is where members can post new ideas, and discuss what is working for them in their own communities. As a platform, we will also post best practices that come form our global research as we can learn as much form other countries as they do from us.

There are no fees to join the Grandparent Renaissance and most of the opportunities require no payment, no signing fees, and nothing to purchase. Many of them actually provide an opportunity to earn an income. We are transparent when we have a financial interest in an opportunity, and we do receive small fees when members buy our "pithy" merch.

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