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Join date: May 8, 2023


I am Stuart Williams, the Founder of In Place Impact and an ardent supporter of The Grandparent Renaissance. I still own and operate business while also being a husband, father, adjunct professor at the College of Charelston, and a recent (Sep. 2022) Grandfather to Archer Cole, where I am also known as "Coach".

I am here because I am afraid about what is going in, on, and around my grandson. I believe that as a collaborative, American Grandparents can access copius amounts of the most important capitals in the world. Financial, intellectual, sociental, cultural, histrocial and connection (our contacts). Surely, together, we can find ways to levergae the incredible assets we have worked hard to acquire to not only create a better future for our Grandchildren, but to also create bettrer Grandchildren for our future.

I have my own website that my children built for me.

I have left the politcial party I used to support and am now a member of the 64% of American's who consider themselves "purple". I look forward to collaborating for the common good.

Stuart Williams



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