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What We Are Doing & Why

"A World Lit Only by Fire?" Not On Our Watch. 


The Middle Ages were nine centuries of technological stagnation, short-sightedness, bloodshed, feudalism, and an oppressive Church wedged between the golden ages of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.

There has not been a "Superpower" in history that has been able to maintain that moniker, and America is not learning from history. It is time that a demographic of Americans that have the time, money, intellect, passion, and purpose, step forward to ensure that its young people do not end up in the modern-day equivalent of the Dark Ages. 

The writing is on the wall and the ink is drying quickly so:


"If not us, who, and if not now, when?" 

Our Story

The collapse of the Roman Empire was the catalyst for a period in history know as the Dark Ages. Replaced by tribes like the Goths, Vandals, Huns and others, the fall of Rome left a real leadership void that was filled by Roman Catholic Churches that became too powerful, superstitious and corrupted, and Feudalism and feudal kings which held down and persecuted common people. Humanity literally forget much of the incredible engineering advances developed by the Romans, the basis of civics developed by the Greeks, and much of the math and science developed by the Ottoman Empire. The result was almost 900-years of bleak degradation for the common people. 

It wasn't until the Renaissance that Europe once again began to flourish via a revival in classical civics, education, learning, and wisdom. This was accompanied by a revival in science and innovation, along with copious amounts of common sense. 

Some of your youth may be smarter than we are, but the quote "I have been 23, you have never been 60" sums up the wisdom and common sense pieces of he puzzle. 

The Grandparent Renaissance researches and draws awareness to actual products, services, and strategies that will help make our youth healthier, more innovative, and more aware, while making our communities safer places for them to live. Things that help with critical thinking and debating skills are a focal point, as are any innovations and or methodologies that support a much healthier "in them, on them, and around them" community. 

The main categories we focus on are:

  • Health (Physical & Mental)

  • Education

  • Innovation

  • Community (civics)

  • Caregiving (child to parent and parent to child)

We are not a political organization and will not suggest who to vote for. We base our recommendations on common sense, compromise, and need. 

At the end of the day we are purposed to leave better communities for our grandchildren, but we are also purposed to leave better grandchildren for our communities. 

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